Release Date:
23 November 2014 (Android)
7 February 2015 (iOS)
5 March 2015 (Windows Phone)

PC Steam version Soon

Windows Phone
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Super Awesome is my first project ever. In december 2013 I decided I will try to learn how to make games. I learned C++ from a book with Cocos2D-X in mind, but it was way too hard to even start for a complete noob.

So I learned the differences between C++ and C# and then tried Unity Engine. I loved it so I tried to put my theory into practice and started making my first game. It took ~11 months to learn and finish Super Awesome.

Super Awesome is a platform game with tons of awesome levels.

There are over 100 levels in Normal Mode. After finishing a game in Normal Mode, Rage Mode unlocks giving you another 100+ harder versions of the Normal Mode levels.

Beat the levels filled with a variety of traps and puzzles, complete achievements and collect coins which you can exchange for awesome cheats and power-ups that can make gameplay even more exciting.

Play Super Awesome using fully customisable touch or joypad controls.
Super Awesome supports all screens and resolutions.

- 100+ Levels in Normal Mode
- another 100+ Levels in Rage Mode
- 5 differently themed chapters
- super intuitive and responsive gameplay
- fully customisable touch and joypad controls
- 20+ achievements to unlock

PC Demo:
Pc download - (Windows) / (Mac OS) / (Linux)

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Official Trailer/Teaser

Gameplay video




Cutscene Art
Łukasz Kosiński

Mike Levine
Loops Lab

Rest of the stuff
Piotr Kurstak